Become a Thailand Elite Member and Enjoy a World of Privileges

Become thailand elite member and enjoy a world of privileges

The Thailand Elite Program aims to promote Thailand as an international business hub by providing its members with a long term multiple entry visa and various other benefits. The membership package is suitable for a wide range of individuals, such as digital nomads that want to avoid visa runs, retirees who wish to spend more time in their homeland without worrying about complicated rules and regulations that are regularly changed, or investors and business people who need to travel in and out of the country several times a year.

This 20-year membership provides a multitude of advantages that make it the most attractive solution for those who wish to live in Thailand. The visa package itself includes a 5-year renewable multi-entry visa, VIP airport service and concierges, avoiding the immigration queues as soon as you arrive in Thailand, assistance from the Elite team as soon as you step off the plane, and access to exclusive discounts at hotels, spas, restaurants, shopping centers, hospitals, and more. Furthermore, health insurances are 100% optional, unlike with many other long-term visas where they are mandatory and can cost up to 100,000 THB per year.

Moreover, members are able to hire an agent for conducting their mandatory 90-day report, free of charge. This is a significant savings, as other visa holders need to pay thousands of THB for this service. In addition, the Elite visa package allows for unlimited re-entry to the country, whereas other long-term visas require you to pay for re-entry permits.

The program also offers assistance with other administrative services, such as opening bank accounts, acquiring driving licenses, and more. The program also helps members to get in touch with local businesses and organizations that can help them make the most of their stay in Thailand.

In order to apply for the Thailand Elite program, you will need to submit a few documents and fill out an application form. Once you have completed the application process, you will need to wait for a few weeks before you receive an approval letter and your membership ID number. Once you have your ID number, you can begin arranging your Elite visa and enjoying the benefits of membership.

The application process for becoming a Thailand elite member is straightforward. You will need to provide proof of your identity, a passport with at least three blank pages, and a picture that is light in color with no hat or dark glasses. Depending on your nationality, the process may take a few months to complete. Once you have your ID number, you will need to visit an immigration office to affix your visa. You can book a date to do this via the member contact center. The only immigration office that affixes the Elite visa is the Cheang Wattana Immigration Center in Bangkok. Become thailand elite member

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