Businesses That Can Benefit From Eco-Friendly Bags

Businesses can print their company name and logo on canvas shopping bags which will then go on to give them a huge amount of exposure and advertising as customers reuse their bags. Many businesses are discovering the benefit of using eco-friendly bags. As well as being environmentally friendly they are also a great marketing tool. They are inexpensive and companies are finding many uses for them.

These canvas bags can be used by businesses as shopping bags, as promotional give-aways at trade shows and field days and can be used by staff when they visit clients. Canvas bags have also become a fashion accessory, as even celebrities are seen carrying around eco-friendly bags. Clothing stores and other brand label businesses are even producing canvas bags with their company logos which they are selling as fashion items.


Supermarkets have been one of the first of the big companies to introduce the use of eco-friendly bags. Environmentally friendly green bags can be purchased, as well as special bags for frozen food items and stores actively encourage customers to use their own bags. As well as being good for the environment these bags are perfect for carrying groceries as they are a lot stronger than both plastic and paper bags, and they carry a lot more items.

Retail stores

Canvas bags can be used by retail stores, as can any business that sells a product small enough to fit in one. Some larger chain stores now don’t automatically give customers a plastic bag with their purchases. Customers will be asked at the check out if they wish to purchase a bag for a nominal fee. This is to encourage customers to bring in their own reusable bags. Smaller retail businesses, such as clothing stores, would benefit from use canvas eco-friendly bags simply because they look better. A printed bag with a pretty design would be used over and over again by the customer, and depending on the brand, may even be a fashion item. As well as giving them away with a sale some stores are finding their bags are even popular enough to sell.

Corporate industries

Banks, insurance companies, accountancy firms, architects, graphic designers and finance companies, they can all benefit from using eco-friendly bags, as can many other businesses. Whether they use them at trade shows, give them to clients, have staff use them when visiting clients or simply use them in a display, they are a valuable marketing tool as well as a long lasting product.

Other industries

There are many industries that use canvas bags, which are as diverse as the military, who use canvas bags to carry a whole variety of different things, to hospitals who use them as laundry bags and for storing equipment. The hospitality industry is another one who could also benefit from printed bags to use for advertising, as well as using various sizes of bags to store food products, linens and uniforms. Leather bucket bag

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