Button Head Bolt

Button Head Bolt
Socket screws have a wide load-bearing surface that resists loosening. They have a rounded head with a recessed counter bore in the center that accepts an Allen wrench or hex key drive. They are available with a variety of thread options and can be used in applications where tightening or clamping is required, such as in die castings or machine assemblies. A socket button head is often preferred in applications where appearance is important or the clamping material is too thin to countersink a screw.

The rounded head provides a smooth surface and reduces the risk of snagging on objects or tools. This makes them suitable for safety-critical applications, such as in areas where a fastener might snag clothing or equipment in moving machinery.

Compared to standard hex head cap screws, button socket caps have a lower profile for a smaller clearance footprint and offer a more visually appealing appearance. They can also withstand a greater torque without loosening, as they have a larger bearing surface.

Metric & Multistandard carries ISO 7380 Button Socket Head Cap Screws with Property Class 10.9 and A2 Stainless Steel, in both inch and metric sizes. These fasteners have a deep hex recess and thick side walls to make them the strongest of the socket screw line with the highest preload ratings.

Metric & Multistandard also carries a variety of Button Socket Shoulder Screws in both inch and metric sizes. These screws are precision ground and heat treated to support shear loads such as in brake pedals, stamping die rails or stripper plates on printing presses. Button Head Bolt

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