Conservatory Ideas to Make the Most of Your New Extension

Whether you want a new conservatory to increase your living space or simply add a touch of luxury, there are many ideas for making the most of your new space. Choosing the right style of conservatory is important, as is deciding how you’re going to use it. To help you get started, Love Property has put together a list of the best conservatory ideas to suit every taste and budget.

The most common function of a conservatory is as a dining room, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors without leaving the comfort of your home. If you decide to go for a new conservatory design with bi-fold doors, you can open the furniture up and the room will feel like one continuous space that can be used indoors or out. Opt for furniture made with weather-resistant materials if you want to be able to leave your chairs outside and make the most of sunny days, or choose something more cosy and living room-styled if you’d prefer to keep it inside.

When choosing furniture for a conservatory, remember that it will need to be scaled correctly to the size of the space. Large pieces will dwarf the room, whereas smaller furniture is more elegant and allows light to flow around it. Keeping in mind the height of the room is also important, as too much tall furniture will close the space down.

If you are looking for a sleek, modern look, opting for a black conservatory design can work really well. It’s easy to achieve with paint or LVT, and it looks good when paired with natural greenery or dark-toned garden furniture.

A glazed extension makes an ideal spot to grow your favourite houseplants, but you could also use it to cultivate fresh fruit and vegetables for the table. This will not only bring the outdoors into your home, but you’ll be able to sit and admire your hard work in a room that feels completely separate from the kitchen.

You can even create a botanical theme for your conservatory with bunting and adhesive decals, if you don’t have the space for actual plants. The idea is to bring some colour and life into your new space, which will brighten up your mood and lift the energy of the rest of your home.

The main point to consider when choosing the style of your conservatory is how it will match with your home. You don’t want the new addition to jar with the proportions and details of your existing house, and you can do this in several ways, such as using the same colours as your house in the conservatory or matching the window styles in both rooms, as seen here.

You could even choose a contemporary glass box style for your extension, and then use the same materials in the dwarf walls to tie it all together. If you want to future proof your new conservatory then opting for low E glazing is a good idea, as this will keep the room at a comfortable temperature all year round. new conservatory ideas

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