Control That Unearthing Project with Vacuum Excavation!

There are many services that you can use vacuum excavation for. It can be personal, and it can be professional. The only thing that you need to make sure about, is that you are choosing the right service for your unearthing project. Here is some information about vacuum excavation that you might not have known before.

Vacuum excavation with a vacuum truck

If you need to get any vacuum excavation done, there is one piece of equipment that you need to get. And, not this isn’t a huge vacuum cleaner. This is a vacuum truck or also known as a septic tank.

This is basically the same type of truck, it just has different features on it. Some of the trucks are equipped with septic tanks and vacuum excavation tools. So, you should make sure that you are hiring the right one if you have an unearthing project. If you want to purchase a septic tank, you should consider all the features of having a truck with all the mentioned equipment on.

Two different excavation possible with that unearthing project

When you need to get excavation done, you will need to choose between two options. The older type of excavation is the vacuum, where drilling and vacuuming are done simultaneously. This is the most common option that most are using when they need to drill a hole into the ground.

The other option is the hydro excavation option. This is the newer technology option, the faster option, and the one that is delivering better results. With the hydro excavation, high pressurized water is used to drill a hole into the ground.

Delicate digging with vacuum excavation

Delicate digging isn’t something that everyone needs to get done at home. This is more something that needs to be done at mines, and construction sites. This is where a hole needs to be drilled into the ground. However, the ground surrounding the area needs to stay intact and protected.

This type of digging normally gets done with the hydro excavation, where precision can be done with the water. The area around the drilling is staying intact and protected against damage. In areas where it isn’t allowed to damaged the area, this type of drilling is used to make holes for drains, or for planting road signs.

Cleaning drains with vacuum truck as well

This might be the option that most of you know best. When you are hiring a septic tank or vacuum excavation tank to unblock or to pump out a drain that might be blocked.

This is a project that is getting done all the time. At businesses and even at homes, where there might be a problem with blocked drains that can’t be unblocked. This is the first type of septic tank that was built, to assist homes with any drain problems that they might have.

Unearthing projects. Not a problem anymore. Even, if you need to drill a hole in the ground without damaging the area around the hole. The only thing that you will need is an excavation truck, or also known as a septic truck with all the right equipment. With these trucks, you can unblock drains, drill holes using water, or making use of the vacuum excavation method. Now that hard and impossible problem will not be a problem anymore. zemní práce

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