Effective Fire Prevention Measures in the Home 1

Are you aware that you can lose all your personal belongings
in a single fire?

It’s very sad when fire strikes your home. You lose everything.
You do not have a chance to save many belongings. You will be
considered lucky if you escape with your life.

A person’s home is a very private piece of his or her existence.
People have been known to struggle for their entire life just to
accumulate sufficient material riches and built comfortable
shelters for themselves. We can experience a tremendous sense of
loss if our homes have been razed to the ground by a fire.

Fires know no bounds. We hear so much of this happening in the
news. Small children and aged persons getting trapped inside
while a house is on fire. We see live footage on television
showing people jumping out from 3-storey buildings and getting
injured. We see the terror in their eyes as they make a desperate
effort to avoid being burnt alive.

We come across stories of people being suffocated by the thick
smoke from a fire.

Death, injury and material loss is the result of fires in homes.
It is matter for everyone to take seriously.

Yes, the home is as safe as you make it to be – if you take steps
to prevent fires from occurring in the first place.

Fire can also be a friend or a foe to mankind. Fires have been
used for keeping warm, for cooking, for lighting, and so on. If
it were not for the discovery and utilization of fire, mankind
will have a very hard time surviving in the cold reaches of the
Earth. Our early ancestors use fires to ward away wild animals.

Food tastes better when cooked or warmed up on a fire. Farmers
clearing fields of weeds have also used fire. Many scientific
discoveries are obtained by using the heat from fires.

Internal combustion engines, steam boilers, make use of
engineering principles of combustion. Engineers and scientists
have studied how to harness the heat from fires for energy

Fire is a true friend if you know how to use it well. The benefits
to mankind are many. Sometimes we forget that it can also be very
dangerous. portable water pump

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