Explosion Proof Electric Actuator

Aiming for precision control, these movers convert electrical energy into linear motion. The straight shooters of the actuator world, they are designed to withstand volatile environments without generating sparks or causing heat-based ignitions. They are ideal for hazardous gas, vapor and combustible dust environments and come equipped with safety features to revert to a fail-safe position when power is lost.

A quarter turn electric actuator is designed to operate small size ball valves, butterfly valves, plug valves and dampers in explosion proof environments such as Class I Div 1, Groups A, B & C, Zone 2 & 22 (gas) or Class II Div 2, groups D & G, Zone 21 & 22 (combustible dust). They are ISO 5211 compliant with an external manual override and are available in models that range from 350in/lbs to 725in/lbs of torque output.

These units are designed to be used in potential explosive environment such as petroleum, chemical industry, water treatment, paper making, ship building and power plant. They are available in 380V or 220V DC powered versions and can be configured to accept switch signal or analog control signals. They are also equipped with a hand wheel for manual operation.

An ATEX-certified pneumatic actuator is capable of operating in hazardous gas, vapor and combustibles dust environments with a varying temperature rating and is often specified for use in hazardous locations by engineers working on oil/gas pipeline projects. They are also referred to as multileaf damper actuators and are operated using compressed air that is delivered through two tube connections. When a control input signal is received, the actuator will move the multileaf damper into an OPEN or CLOSED position. Explosion Proof Electric Actuator

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