Fenben For Cancer

Fenben for cancer is a popular protocol based on the deworming medication for dogs and humans, fenbendazole. The protocol calls for taking 222mg of fenbendazole a day in the form of powder that is mixed with other supplements, such as Berberine and Vitamin D. The combination inhibits the ability of cancer cells to take up glucose which helps them starve. It also boosts the production of p53, a gene that keeps cancer cells in check.

A clonogenic assay was conducted to evaluate the cytotoxic effects of fenbendazole on human cancer cells. The results showed that fenbendazole significantly inhibited the growth of cancer cells in both free and encapsulated forms. Moreover, the combination of fenbendazole and rapamycin (RAPA) significantly increased the anticancer effect.

In this study, we aimed to determine the acquisition channel, the quality of the obtained information, and the perception toward complementary medicine like fenbendazole. To this end, focus group interviews were conducted with 21 lung cancer patients. The participants were divided into three groups based on their current cancer stages and gender. They were interviewed by a moderator. The interviewees actively cross-checked the information they had acquired through media and YouTube. The findings showed that most of the patients had misperceptions about fenbendazole. They believed that the information they received about fenbendazole was not authentic and had to be verified by professionals. Moreover, the quality of the information they had was low because it was only fragmented and filtered according to their arbitrary criteria. fenben for cancer

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