Finding a Hairdresser For Curly Hair in Melbourne

If you have curls, wavy hair or texture then it’s important to find a salon that really understands your strands. A true specialist knows that effective communication and a thorough consultation are fundamental and that their primary intention is to support each individual’s lifestyle needs, goals and future follicle plans. They also provide knowledge and results that are specifically customised to your unique curl pattern. This is not a common thing to find in salons. Many claim to be specialists yet their social media influenced intentions align with product-reliant CGM and only offer a generic ‘curly hair cut’.

This is why we have compiled this list of ‘Gina Approved’ salons that are truly curly hair specialists and will ensure your strands stay in great shape. Whether you have loose voluminous curls, a tight corkscrew or something in between, these amazing salons will not only give you the best hair cut for your specific type of curl but will teach you techniques to keep your tresses looking good in between appointments.

Aoki Hair has a team of specialist stylists that work exclusively with curly and textured hair. They are all trained in the Curly Girl Method and are experts in defining your natural wave, kink or curl. They use a deconstructed dry cutting technique and an artistic flair to create shapes that compliment your curls, face shape and personal style. They have a wide range of cut options and treatments to suit every length, from long curly bobs to shoulder-length waves or a short curly pixie. They also stock a variety of organic and Australian made hair care products to keep your strands hydrated and healthy in between visits. hairdresser for curly hair melbourne

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