Grip Socks – The Perfect Partner to Your Football Boots

The perfect partner to your football boots, grip socks help you maximise performance by eliminating slippage between foot and shoe. Grip socks feature patented IN//EX technology, with pads on the outside that grip your footwear and the inside of the product which grip to your feet themselves, meaning your boot and foot become one! These socks are perfect for players of any age or skill level, and can be worn by both men and women.

Blisters aren’t the only problem caused by slippage in your shoes – excess slippage can lead to wear and tear on bones, tendons and even larger parts of the leg like the ankle, calf and knee. Grip socks reduce this friction to prevent injury, allowing you to play longer and keep your body free from pain.

Grip socks also increase comfort within your shoes by reducing contact between the foot and your shoes. This means your feet don’t rub against the edges of the shoe, which can lead to rashes and abrasions. The thick material of grip socks is soft and comfortable to wear, and they sit well on the foot – making them more comfortable than simple, everyday sports socks.

Grip socks are most commonly worn by athletes, but they can also be worn without shoes – for example during pilates or by elderly patients in hospitals who may be at risk of falling. They’re also used by dancers, gymnasts and other athletes who need increased traction and stability on slippery or uneven surfaces. sports grip socks

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