How to Find a Moving Company

A moving company is a business that hires out its services to move and store items

for its customers. It can be local or long-distance and offer full-service moves,

storage and car shipping. In addition to transporting goods, many full-service movers

also offer packing, cleaning and staging. Some companies even provide junk

removal and storage. One of the best ways to find a reliable moving company is to

ask for recommendations from friends and family members who have moved in the

past. Additionally, online reviews can be a great way to learn about other people’s

experiences with a particular company.

Customers should always check whether a moving company has the proper licenses

and insurance papers before hiring them. Any legitimate moving company should be

able to show their motor carrier (MC) and department of transportation (DOT)

numbers, which can be found on their website or by asking them directly. The DOT

number is also useful for checking whether the company has any complaints against


In addition, it is a good idea for customers to get written estimates from several

companies. This will allow them to compare prices and services, and can help avoid

any surprises when it comes time to pay the bill. It is also important for customers to

shop around, and try to find a company that can come to their home to assess the

work before providing a quote. Additionally, customers should always ask for video

chatting or in-person quotes so that they can feel more comfortable with their


It is also a good idea for customers to ask about cancellation policies. Most moving

companies will have a policy stating how close to the move date they can cancel and

whether or not they will give a refund on their deposit. Customers should also be

sure to check with a moving company for its list of prohibited items, which may

include cash, financial and medical records, medicine and some heavy equipment

like treadmills and ellipticals.

The largest national moving companies are United Van Lines and Mayflower, which

offer local, interstate and international moves. They have extensive networks and

can handle large scale relocations for businesses and families. Smaller, local moving

companies may specialize in a single type of move, such as residential or

commercial. Some have partnerships with major carriers to expand their service


College Hunks is a well-known, locally based moving company that offers a variety

of services. In addition to local and long-distance moves, it offers storage, auto

shipping and packing services. It also has a network of franchises across the country. umzugsunternehmen

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