How to Make a Metal Clay Ring

Ring making is probably the most elusive and difficult skill to master with metal clays. The first hurdle is determining the ring size and then crafting a clay ring that will shrink to the desired size. The next hurdle is to properly close the seam in both a visually pleasing and structurally sound fashion. Last but not least you must insure that the ring is perfectly round at the end of firing. With each different clay the variables change.

We have been making PMC metal clay rings for years now. Building on our own techniques we have developed a system that eliminates each and every one of these hurdles mentioned above. This system allows you to create varying sizes and widths of clay rings in about 5 minutes. Not only is it quicker but the bands are 100% seamless. Adding both to the strength and flexibility in sizing.

This system is very simple to use. Simply place a round cut out of metal clay in our Seamless Ring Making Mold. Squeeze mold together and open to dry. Remove dry metal clay ring and sand. Then you are free to craft and decorate around this base ring. You can then fire your ring with a shrinkage stopper plug knowing that your final ring will emerge both shaped and sized perfectly with no fear of seam breaking. tungsten rings wholesale supplier

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