Integrated LED Cylinder Light Fixture

If you’re in the market for an integrated LED light fixture, a cylinder light fixture offers style and functionality all-in-one. These lights connect directly with a low or line voltage power source to produce the desired amount of white light. They’re an ideal option for lighting areas that are difficult to light or if you’re looking for something that is different than the standard ceiling fan or recessed downlight options.

Integrated LED cylinder lighting fixtures are available in a wide variety of configurations and styles. Some have a clear, cylindrical body while others look more like an art piece or even a chandelier. They can be hung from a ceiling with chain or wire and can include a downlight as well as uplight for added brightness. They are a great way to highlight specific objects or architectural features in a room, but they also work as a general overhead light for an entire area.

Cylinder light fixtures come in a number of different sizes as well, making them an excellent choice for a wide range of applications. You can find wall sconces, floor stand models and pendant lights to fit any space. Pendants are a popular choice for kitchen islands, retail displays or cafe tables as they provide downlighting and can be scaled down to a smaller silhouette. Floor stand models can also be used to illuminate a counter or accent a staircase. They typically have a clean and minimalist look with the ability to hold a single bulb or multiple bulbs depending on your needs.

Many cylinder light fixture options are also suitable for outdoor use as well. They can be mounted to a wall in a hallway or foyer to provide ambient lighting, or placed outdoors to accentuate landscaping or architectural details of your home. They’re often wet location rated to help protect the fixture from the elements.

The cylinder shape of these lights helps to create an architectural feature that is unique and sets it apart from other fixtures on the market. These fixtures are a beautiful addition to any residential or commercial building, especially in more modern spaces where they can really stand out.

When designing a lighting scheme for your project, you can make changes to the LED cylinder light fixture by using the controls within Design Studio to adjust position, rotation and other properties. These adjustments can be done either by clicking on the item itself or by using the Item Transform tool that can be found in the menu bar at the top of the screen.

A great option for a hallway or foyer is this cylinder up and down wall sconce from WestGate. It has a simple rectangular back plate that contrasts nicely with the rounded body, and comes in a warm bronze or brushed nickel finish. This fixture is UL listed for wet locations and includes a 5-year warranty. It can also be upgraded to an emergency ballast for use in an emergency situation, which will keep the fixture illuminated for industry standard 90 minutes.

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