Kitchen Manufacturers

The best kitchen manufacturers produce custom cabinetry based on your unique needs. They understand that your kitchen is the heart of your home, and they have the knowledge and expertise to transform it into a space where you can create your own culinary masterpieces and enjoy a family meal or entertain guests in style. These companies have years of experience, ongoing innovation and research to give them a distinct advantage over their competitors.

Cabinetry is the primary component of most kitchens, and it takes up a significant percentage of total renovation budgets. The top cabinet manufacturers offer a variety of styles and materials to meet all tastes and budgets. Wood is the most popular material, followed by laminates and metals. Cabinets are made in either face-frame or frameless construction. Frameless cabinets are a sleek, modern option that is often less expensive than face-frame styles.

In addition to adjusting production processes to address market demands, cabinet makers focus on environmental issues. They seek out sustainable hardwoods, which are harvested from forestlands managed to be environmentally sound and ethically sourced. They also use non-toxic finishes and hardware.

Aside from the environmental aspects, cabinet makers focus on meeting specific standards and providing high-quality products. This might include meeting safety requirements for weight capacities, ensuring that doors open and close properly and avoiding sharp edges.

The cabinet industry is led by Masco, which holds a commanding lead in the cabinetry business. This company is a diversified manufacturer with interests in a wide array of home building and home improvement industries, including plumbing supplies, fireplaces, paint, shelving, bath accessories and garage door hardware. Its diversified portfolio allows it to withstand economic downturns in one area without affecting its bottom line.

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