Knee High Grip Socks

The best knee high grip socks keep you in control and energized while exercising. They eliminate post-exercise sore feet and blisters by preventing slippage in your shoes, and they support the arches and ankles to reduce movement inside your shoe. They’re made from breathable materials to enhance airflow and prevent sweat buildup and foot odor. They’re also soft and stretchy, reducing friction on your feet and helping them feel comfortable during exercise.

This sock’s grippy fibers inside the heel and forefoot help prevent your foot from sliding around in your shoe, while portions of soft fabric at the arch and ankle provide snug support during lateral movements in agility drills or while dodging rocks and roots midrun. They also feature an extended cuff for extra protection against scrapes, dirt, and debris from trails and roads. The socks are machine-washable, and the softness of the material feels good against your feet.

These breathable compression socks have outer grips on the sole to bolster stability during pivotal moments in yoga, Pilates and Barre, and they feature toeSox’s patented non-skid sole to prevent slipping. They also provide reliable arch and ankle support to promote circulation and prevent swollen legs. The sock is machine-washable, and the softness and stretch of the fabric ensure a comfortable fit.

Wearing graduated compression stockings, socks & armsleeves may help reduce common circulatory problems caused by prolonged sitting or standing such as edema in the legs and feet, varicose veins and spider veins. Consult your doctor before starting a new regimen with compression products. knee high grip socks

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