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 what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Casinos! Yes, Las Vegas is widely known for its casinos. There are other attractions too like shows and local places. But have you ever thought about the food? Las Vegas is more than just casinos and shows. It also offers a variety of cuisines. The Mexican restaurants in Las Vegas out there provide authentic Mexican cuisine. Their way of service is friendly and approachable.  

Below is a list of restaurants that offer sumptuous Mexican cuisine

1.Lindo Michoacan
It is an amazing fact that the founder of Lindo Michigan learned to cook when he a student at a seminary in Michocan in Mexico. The nuns taught him how to cook, including preparing food and making exclusive Mexican cuisine. This is one of the Mexican restaurants of Las Vegas that offers everything from tacos, chile, steak, chicken dishes to chimichangas, enchiladas and other items. Rice and beans are added to the dishes and even to beverages. It can accommodate to 40 guests at one time and provides competitive catering services. They have a private dining room too. For the young guests there is a kid’s menu also.

2.Taqueria Canonita
Located at the Ventian Resort Hotel, this place has its own beauty and charm. There are items like quesadillas, vegetables, tacos, grilled meat, seafood etc. served on a platter. The look and feel of the entire restaurant is Mexican. You can gorge on ahi tuna, crab cake, flautas, shrimp, burritos, queso, soups, salads and other cuisine of Mexico. This is one of the authentic Mexican restaurants in Las Vegas which is a delight for the Mexican cuisine lovers.

3.Ricardo’s Mexican Restaurant
Established in 1979, Ricardo’s is located approximately 2 miles west of the vast Las Vegas strip. The oldest, it lives up to the typical Mexican interiors right from tiled floors, dining areas to murals. The Mexican lovers can eat their heart out at this dining joint which serves items like enchiladas, guacamole, flautas, tacos among other dishes.

4. Dona Maria Tamales
Dona Maria Tamales is one of the Mexican restaurants of Las Vegas which has two locations. They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can stop by and feast on lovely pork, cheese, chicken, Monetary jack, raisins and pineapple. Other items on the menu include burritos, chiles rellenos, enchiladas and tacos. Adding to this they also provide orders to go. If more than ten people party, there is almost fifteen percent gratuity added to the final bill. online casino bonuses

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