Marketing Luxury Real Estate: 8 Tips to Keep You Positive

Affluence begins with an affluent state of mind. One of the best ways to stand out as a luxury real estate marketing professional is to hold the vision of a vibrant economic future, yours in particular. View the present marketplace as a place of opportunity rather than focus on the reality as presented to us by the media and other naysayers. What is true is that some luxury homes are selling in most upper tier marketplaces. The question is, “are you in this rosy part of the picture?”

Maintaining a positive point of view definitely requires continuous practice. It is not like you need to hide from the negative, the trick is not to dwell on it and “accentuate the positive”, as the song says.

Here are 8 tips to get you back on the positive train of thought and keep you there more often.

1. Appreciate someone or something around you.

2. Focus on something beautiful such as your pet, a flower, a tree, or the abundance of cherries that are currently in season.

3. Distract yourself with a few deep breaths

4. Take a walk around the block, or exercise

5. Give a sincere compliment, or two, or three.

6. Share some good news

7. Make maintaining a positive viewpoint a top priority in your life

8. When all else fails, lie down, pull the covers over your head, and don’t move till you feel better. In other words, keep a good sense of humor. And, remember that life is just a bowl of cherries. Luxury houses

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