My favorite Dolce Vita Sandals

Among the hottest shoes trend today are the bright bold and beautiful Dolce Vita sandals. In fact, it is among the top brand that is considered as one of the biggest seller for women footwear nowadays. Fashionable sandals are one of the essential things that would never be vanished to a woman. It is very versatile that it can be worn for any different occasion whether it is a formal event or just a casual occasion.

Sandals were initially by the ancient people to keep their feet protected and at the same time to free their feet from being so enclosed in a pair of shoes or boots. This is generally practiced in warmer climates like those in the tropical countries. Women sandals, in spite of the many different styles and colors of it, aim only one thing in common, to give the feet a breather from the usual clad in enclosed foot garment.

With Dolce Vita sandals collection, you can surely attain this aim. What’s more you can look fashionable and stylish when you wear one of their edgy, classic sandals collections. Dolce Vita is a popular brand name for shoes and clothing that have been around for a number of years now. It is very popular most especially to those who love to keep updated with the latest in fashion trend. Dolce Vita (or La dolce vita) can be an Italian phrase which means “the sweet life”. It was unleashed in 2001 by Gastone Lucioli, the renowned fashion designer from Italy.

Here’s a few list of my favorite Dolce Vita sandals collection for 2012.

Platform sandals

Platform sandals is one of the perfect summer sandal you should consider wearing. They offer an incredibly versatile design that is comfortable, stylish, and slimming. The best thing about platform sandal is that it never goes out of style. It has been for many years now, and is here to stay. They come in various styles and colors, sure to go perfectly with different items from skirts or jumpsuits to denims and sophisticated shirts. You can see great pairs of these sandals style in many runways. Aside from being versatile, these sandals can also give you the height you desire with much comfortable feeling.

Wedge Sandals

Another sandals style that is synonyms to the word versatile are the wedges sandals. It comes in many different styles and can perfectly match with any outfit. It features a triangular, wedge-shape heel that runs uniformly underneath the foot. It is also a good choice of many women who are searching for some added height without a neck breaking heals. It provides an extremely great balance and comfortable walk.

Flat Sandals

One of the staple accessories of summer fashion are the flat sandals, and this is actually one of my most favorite. These women sandals are the most comfortable footwear I know. There are different flat sandals you will surely love, like the gladiator style or a t-strap style. women’s sandals

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