Photo Gift Sets: Preserving Memories For A Lifetime

Photo gift sets are great for preserving memories of the most important occasions of one’s life for years. These sets consist of a number of flat, stackable glass cases, each of which can hold a number of photographs. The cases are stored inside a large case-holder, made of wood, metal or hard plastic. The case-holders hold a large number of cases, so that you can group your memories according to occasions or some other criteria. While polymer coated albums can trap moisture inside and thus fail to protect photographs from damage in the long run, photo gift sets can prevent damage from moisture and similar agents for years. Besides being great additions to any household, photo gift sets are also great gifts for almost any occasion.

Choosing it carefully

When you purchase a photo gift set, be it as a gift for someone or for yourself, examine the product well before purchase. Examine the following before you whip out your wallet:

  1. Chips/ cracks – Glass cases can develop cracks when exposed to extreme temperatures. Also, improper handling, physical shocks, etc. can chip the corners of the cases, although there are rubber bumpers installed inside the holder to prevent such accidents.
  2. Price – Make sure you are not being overcharged for the set. If you buy a set with a wooden case-holder, the price will definitely be high. But, if you buy a set with a plastic case holder, the price will be significantly lower. For best results, consult some online stores beforehand and compare the prices.

Preserving those special moments

Next time you choose to have a candlelight dinner with your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day, make sure you carry your camera along. Take plenty of snaps, and put those in one of the cases of a photo gift set, with some personal comments if you wish. This will help you recall those wonderful moments a few years down the line. Another great type of photos would be the progress of your child through the early months of his/ her life. The first smile, the first step and the first day at school all create memories that are worth preserving. Some parents preserve yearly photo-journals highlighting their baby’s most important moments. This kind of collection can not only delight the parents, but can also be great keepsake for the baby when he/ she finally grows up. The long-lasting and durable photo gift sets are pretty unique and useful gifts for almost anyone and can be given on almost any occasion.outsourcing photo editing

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