Private Carers Can Offer Discreet, Sensitive Home Care

Many elderly people find it difficult to ask for help – particularly from family and friends, so it can be an extremely difficult time when they do. Private carers can offer discreet, sensitive home care to support a person’s independence. They may provide assistance with bathing, dressing, and personal hygiene, or support a person who needs to move around, with the use of aids such as wheelchairs or lifts. Some have specialist training in advanced care techniques, such as colostomy, stoma, or ventilator support.

Many families decide to hire an individual carer themselves instead of working with a home care agency. This approach can save money but the role of employer comes with responsibilities that some are not prepared or able to take on, including PAYE, National Insurance, and statutory sick pay (SSP). Also, if things don’t work out between the carer and the care recipient, it becomes much more complicated and time-consuming to source replacements, possibly at short notice.

Advertising for caregivers can be expensive, but it is still an important way to recruit, and is often targeted at local community groups or events. It is also worth making use of local community bulletin boards – it is not uncommon to see adverts for a caregiver on these, and a well-placed advertisement can reach a wide audience. Another good way to get the word out is through networking with professional referral partners, which can bring in new clients and leads. Private Carers

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