Psychedelic Mushroom Chocolate Bars For Sale

Many people love chocolate, but few love the experience of eating chocolate infused with psychedelic mushrooms. That is a new trend that is making waves, as artisanal chocolatiers and mushroom enthusiasts work to harness the powerful and transcendental properties of these plant medicines by combining them with cacao in the form of chocolate bars.

The psilocybin in shrooms can be absorbed through the skin or inhaled, which produces a mystical experience with visual distortions and euphoric feelings. These effects can last up to six hours, but the duration can vary depending on the amount of psilocybin taken and how it is metabolized in the body.

Mushrooms have been cultivated and used medicinally for centuries. They contain the psychoactive psilocybin, which is also known as “magic mushrooms” and is legal in some states. It is not recommended for everyone to consume psilocybin because it can cause physical and mental side effects that can be dangerous and potentially fatal.

For those who do not want to go for a full-blown psychedelic experience, psilocybin-infused hot chocolates and deluxe chocolate bars are also gaining popularity. These products combine a base of cacao or carob with adaptogenic mushrooms such as reishi, cordyceps, chaga, turkey tail and lion’s mane to boost immune system function, reduce inflammation and ease anxiety.

These psilocybin-infused chocolate bars can be purchased online and are available in a variety of flavors including cookies and cream, caramel gold rush, and passionfruit triptych. The company that makes these chocolate bars is STEM Chocolate, whose Co-Founder says that their bars are crafted to be both delicious and functional.

They also contain psilocybin, which has been shown to be beneficial for those struggling with alcohol addiction. In addition to its psychedelic effects, psilocybin can also help individuals cope with chronic pain and improve mood.

Despite these benefits, psychedelic drugs are still illegal in most parts of the world, though some jurisdictions are more strict than others. In New York State, for example, psilocybin is a Schedule 1 drug, which means that it is illegal to manufacture or sell it without a license and is subject to felony charges if possessed.

However, some smoke shops in the Big Apple are now selling psilocybin-infused bar chocolate to those who wish to try it. A Post reporter visited five stores in the East Village and Chinatown, where employees displayed the chocolate bars with their wrappers stating that they contained several grams of psilocybin and had a price range of $50 to $90.

Some of these psilocybin-infused bars are sold by PolkaDot, which is located in Brooklyn and is known for its cannabis candy and THC vape pens. Its website says that the chocolate bars contain up to 3.5g of dried magic mushroom psilocybin, which produces a “psychedelic” effect.

The psilocybin that is in these bars can be found on the inside of the chocolate or in an outer coating. It is not easy to tell what psilocybin in a bar contains, and it can vary from one brand to the next.psychedelic mushroom chocolate bars for sale

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