Quantum Frequency Sensing

Your body has 60 trillion cells that are highly sensitive to your thoughts and emotions. This energy is encoded in each cell with its own vibrational frequency or wave pattern, known as your wave frequency. When you change your frequency, you can also change your thoughts and emotions. Each wave has a specific shape with peaks and valleys. It is the shape of each wave that determines what information it is carrying.

In 1900, Max Planck discovered that electromagnetic radiation had particle-like qualities and that the amount of energy radiated was proportional to its frequency (hv = ef). Until then, energy was thought to be continuous. Planck’s discovery changed everything!

The work could lead to more precise clocks and GPS systems, sharper MRI medical imaging devices and more exact analysis of light emitting from stars. It may even help us to understand the mysteries of dark matter and black holes.

The team’s technique uses a quantum system to permit enhanced resolution of the frequency that is currently beyond the capabilities of conventional systems. The researchers plan to expand their work on this quantum sensing system to be able to measure multiple frequencies at once. They are also investigating ways to use the system in applications requiring ultra-high noise tolerance. In particular, the scientists are working to enable their system to detect quantum atoms and molecules. Their research is supported by the National Science Foundation and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. quantum frequency

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