Spartan Tool Houston Drain Cleaners

Spartan Tool offers equipment you can rely on for all your drain cleaning jobs. From heavy root cutting or clogs in main sewer lines to routine household sink and toilet clogs, our drum machines deliver the power and reliability you need.

The accused machines each include a motor-driven cable drum that normally contains a cleaning cable (also known as a snake) that is slidable in and out of the drum. The drum spindle is mounted for rotation on a frame by front and rear bearing assemblies.

Meet the Model 718, Spartan’s newest drain cleaning machine. The Model 718 is our battery powered version of the Model 700. Its powerful 18-volt motor lets you tackle clogs in small household lines 1¼” to 2½” in diameter. The Model 718 works with ¼” or 5⁄16″ cable in lengths up to 35′ with drop head or open-hook ends.

Our professional grade products are built tough to withstand the rigors of professional use by plumbers & drain cleaners all day, every day. With long-lasting performance, consistently superior quality and product innovation, we have pushed industry standards forward. We have a complete line of drain cleaning machines to help you tackle the toughest clogs with ease and power. Whether you are facing a minor hair clog or a major root mass, Spartan Tool has the machine for you. spartan tool houston

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