Spray Foam Insulation – One Of The Best Forms Of Insulation

Several studies which were conducted have indicated that approximately in 40% of the structures, energy is lost mainly due to poor air insulation. Insulation such as fiberglass usually is stabled into place or gaps along the edges when stuck against walls, permitting air to pass through very easily, reducing the effectiveness and the efficiency of the insulation.

Insulation is judged according to its R-value. This value tells you how effectively it slows down the thermal diffusion-conduction. There are two main types of spray foam insulation – closed cell and open cell. Most forms of closed cell spray foam insulation possess an R-value of 7 or greater. Even for open cell spray foam, this is said to possess a lower density, shows an R-value of 4 which is still rated as high in compare to other types of insulation. Spray foam can be uniformly applied to the surface or may even be inserted into narrow or hard-to-reach places to make a tight seal over the area.  The spray foam is efficient as an insulator because foam spreads out evenly and is able to seep into the tiny cracks, spaces and crevasses in your buildings. Polyurethane spray foam is quite effective in decreasing thermal diffusion-conduction that is the exchange of heat across the walls of the building.

Foam insulation is insect resistant and fire resistant and also does not settle, shrink or fall back. Moreover, it is moisture resistant also, which forbids the growth of mold in their homes.

There are a few self reliant spray foam insulation kits available in the market, though most professionals affirm that for cracks which are greater than two hundred square feet, it is better to have the foam professionally applied. The process is slightly messy, and it is vital that the professional should know the process, so that the correct and exact amount is used without any wastage.

Spray foam insulation costs higher than the traditional pink roll insulation or cellulose insulation.  But, the spray foam insulation is expected to save a building owner by about thirty nine percent on heating and cooling costs. Spray foam insulation is an environment friendly method of insulation which is an extremely reliable method of insulation. pitched roof insulation

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