Troubleshooting Norcold Refrigerators

As any RV owner knows, the refrigerator is a vital part of the kitchen. But even with the best fridges, problems can arise that can be frustrating to deal with. From understanding how these RV refrigerators work to troubleshooting common problems, this article will help you get the most out of your norcold refrigerator.

Unlike residential refrigerators, norcold refrigerators are powered by absorption technology. This means that they use propane and water to initiate a chemical process that absorbs heat and cools the fridge. This type of fridge is usually more expensive to run than an electric fridge, but it is also more durable and can stand up to the vibrations of driving down the road.

These fridges are also often used for RV’s and other motor homes because they are able to operate off of both propane and electricity. They can even run off of an inverter, though some owners note that it will draw a lot of 12v power and may cause the fridge to shut down periodically.

One of the most common problems with norcold fridges is a problem with the cooling unit. If this part corrodes prematurely, it can cause the boiler tubes to leak. Propane gas leaking next to a heat source is a fire hazard, so this is a serious issue that needs to be dealt with immediately. If you notice a yellow powder substance inside your fridge, or smell ammonia, it is time to call for service.

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