WeTransfer Alternatives for Digital Creatives

File sharing is an integral part of the workflows of digital creatives. Whether it’s for collaborating on projects, or sending design concepts to clients, online file transfer tools make the job easier and faster. But not all services are equal in terms of features and storage limits. Some have a reputation for being better than others.

WeTransfer is one of the most well-known ways to send large files, but it’s not without its drawbacks. For starters, 2GB’s worth of data isn’t much for a professional file-sharing service, and public access links only last seven days. In addition, free users don’t get the option to create an account to keep track of their files or customize shareable links, which is a big deal for professional use.

The good news is that there are a few WeTransfer Alternative options out there, and many of them offer far more generous file size limits than WeTransfer. Some even go further, and give you the ability to send multiple files at once or pause and resume transfers.

Another popular file-sharing platform is Dropbox, which has a hefty free plan that gives you 2GB of storage for file transfers and also offers a paid tier with up to 1TB of storage. Unlike WeTransfer, Dropbox has a few notable features that make it a more reliable and secure option, like the ability to access files from any device, as well as collaboration tools for teams. It also has file versioning, which means that you can access previous versions of your files if necessary.

pCloud is another file-sharing tool that has gained popularity as a WeTransfer Alternative, especially for its robust mobile app and fast upload speeds. Its cheapest plan gives you unlimited storage and transfers for up to two years, while password protection is available for all files. Unlike some of its competitors, pCloud does not allow free tier users to create an account or customize shareable links, though it does have an API and Microsoft Outlook plugins for business tier users.

MEGA is another service that boasts huge storage and transfer capacities, but it has faced a number of ownership changes and legal challenges in the past, which could impact its stability, longevity and data privacy. Nevertheless, MEGA still offers an unlimited transfer and storage amount on its cheapest paid tier, along with an impressive mobile app and the ability to pause and resume transfers.

There are other services that offer even more impressive capacities than MEGA, such as Smash, which offers unlimited file size transfers on its cheapest paid tier. However, it does not prioritize free tier users’ files and their shared files are only available for 30 days, which may be less than ideal for some. But it has apps for mobile devices, a Mac client, an API and a Microsoft Outlook plugin, which makes it worth checking out.

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