What is the PGDL?

In a nutshell, the PGDL is a law conversion course designed to prepare you for modern professional legal exams like the SQE. It teaches the essentials of key foundation areas of law that align with the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s specification of Functioning Legal Knowledge – what you’ll be tested on during the SQE and centralised bar assessments.

Unlike an undergraduate law degree, a PGDL is a more focused and laser-focused conversion course. It’s shorter, at one academic year full time, and covers the topics you need to pass your SQE or get a training contract or pupillage.

It’s also a more intensive course as you have to study a lot of new material in a very short space of time, often alongside work or family life. Consequently, you need to be highly organised and committed to your studies to succeed on the PGDL. And don’t be afraid to write down every case mentioned in lectures – you’ll need them when you do your assessments!

Many PGDL courses are delivered in person, but you can also do it online, which might be more suitable for students in part-time jobs or with family commitments. However, studying remotely has its disadvantages, with the potential to fall behind and not keep up with new material. Also, you’ll likely have less access to support from tutors and administrative staff if you study on the PGDL remotely.

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