What’s Your House Plan Style?

Whether you’re single, married or have a family, you have a lifestyle. Your house style should compliment your lifestyle so you enjoy gracious living everyday. Some people like to spread out while others enjoy being cozy and close. Other folks prefer to be right in the middle of natural, unaffected landscapes. Before you go shopping for house plans, consider what your house style is.

Do you like to live in a rugged environment amidst the wildlife, flora and fauna? Are you a person with a pioneering spirit who loves the great outdoors? A harmony mountain cottage home plan may offer the getaway you always dreamed of. Mountain cottage homes are actually built into hillside lots. Architecture and nature blend for a fusion of beauty and comfort.

In a mountain cottage home, you appreciate the rustic mountain setting with all the amenities you desire indoors. The interior floor plan can range from traditional to contemporary based on your personal preferences. When you step out your door, you’ll be right in the middle of a mountain or hill.

Are you a person who enjoys history, museums, antiques and old stories? Do you like a house with plenty of room and nooks to hide out? Review space saving colonial house plans to find your fantasy homestead. The original colonial American homes were built during the early 17th century. As the New World was developed, houses with clean, simple lines based on European design erupted across the land.

Over time, colonial homes were defined by region. In the South, colonial homes had higher ceilings so the occupants could stay cool because heat rises. Colonial homes in the North had lower ceilings to keep the residents snug and warm during cold weather. For awhile Victorian homes dominated the housing scene but colonial enjoyed renewed popularity around the time American turned 100 years old. This period is known as the Colonial Revival. Today colonial homes stand proudly across America and remind us of days gone by. Updated colonial homes are often breathtakingly luxurious. Multiple rooms, comfortable corners and lovely gardens make colonial homes a traditional choice for many.

Do you live a casual lifestyle and prefer to be surrounded by a few of your favorite possessions? Is coziness a top priority for your comfort? Do you have a slightly artistic flair? Check out bungalo house plans for simple, affordable living with everything you need. Bungalows are one and a half stories with most of the living space on the first floor. Usually bungalows have a low roof and very efficient floor plans. Some bungalows have additional comfort zones such as a sunroom or covered front porch. Because of its price and charm, bungalows are a first home for many Americans. Bungalows are so welcoming and warm, a lot of people decide to stay in them permanently. Boat Rentals Cartagena Colombia

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