Why and How To Link Build – Its Relevance And Value In SEO?

The internet has become the most efficient and assured means of gaining visibility. It saves cost and demands high skill to provide the needed visibility for any business. The act of creating visibility via the internet is called digital marketing.

There are various ways of ensuring online presence, especially for businesses, and one of them is through blogs. However, blog content provides the needed visibility and attraction when unique and in line with SEO standards. Thus, the person who creates content for a business that wishes to be visible and increase their traffic should have the necessary SEO skills.

A formula used to ensure that content is unique, visible, and attractive is link building. Link building ensures the relevancy and value of content based on SEO standards. This article will explain why and how to link build by highlighting the relevance and value of link building in SEO.

What Is Link Building?

Link building means building links. On the online space (internet), successful businesses with online presence thrive on the connections established between different websites, organizations, and blogs. Link building is the art of creating or building those connections using hyperlinks.

Link building connects or refers audiences from one site to another. The process of link building is complex and demands high skill in line with SEO standards. SEO experts can attest that the process of link building demands caution and time to achieve authentic and attractive content for the online space

How To Link Build?

There are specific steps to take when link building, these steps ensure that the content produced is unique, attractive, and of value in SEO. They are:

  1. Have a link tag: What are tags? Tags enable easy identification. Hence, a link tag enables search engines to easily identify a link with particular content and differentiate the link from other links with similar content. The link tag is also called anchor tag because it is the basis of link building.
  2. Establish an HREF: HREF (hyperlink referral) aims to draw traffic from connected pages or websites via a link to a specific website. This is achieved via specific hyperlinked texts describing the quality of the business.
  3. Have an anchor text: This text is contained in contents and is hyperlinked so viewers can click them and be referred to another page. The steps highlighted above are void without an anchor text.

Reasons For Link Building

  1. To establish connections: Successful businesses were built on connections, and in an online space; link building helps provide the needed connections.
  2. Builds brand image: Link building provides visibility that is needed to build a brand’s image.
  3. Build a relationship: Link building allows various organizations to establish a relationship between them.
  4. Grow traffic and establish needs: Link building creates awareness and attracts viewers (traffic) to an organization.


Link building is essential for any organization or business with any form of operation online. This is because it helps provide visibility and attract traffic. This article has explained what link building are, the benefits, and how to link build. slot88

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