Why You Need a Professional Photographer for Your Dating Profile

The popularity of dating apps has resulted in a whole new market in photography, and the photographers who cater to those in search of love. Unfortunately, a lot of these photographers are not up to the task, and they can actually harm your profile in many ways by taking photos that don’t flatter you or give potential matches the wrong impression of who you really are.

It’s important to get professional photographer for your dating profile because they understand what works and what doesn’t work on a dating app. They will also use lighting that highlights your best features and hides the not so great ones. They’ll also know how to pose you and coach you so that you look natural rather than posed (which most online daters avoid).

A good online dating photographer will be experienced and know how to work with different styles of photos. They’ll be able to help you choose the right clothing and backdrops. They’ll also have a variety of props that can help you express your personality without looking cheesy. For example, a bike, book, hat or yoga mat can be used to show that you are athletic and outdoorsy. They’ll also be able to create a photo where you are looking away from the camera as well as at it because men tend to do better on dating apps when they look away from the camera while women tend to do better when they are facing it.

Your best online dating photos will include a few headshots and several action shots. They will also feature different outfits to give people a sense of your style and preferences. It’s a good idea to have one photo that shows you standing up and another that has you sitting down. People are drawn to photos that include bright colors and vibrancy. Your dating photographer can suggest some fun and eye-catching backgrounds that will showcase your unique style.

When you’re using a dating app, the photos on your profile are the first thing potential dates notice. You have about seven seconds to make a good impression before they move on to the next profile. High quality images will get you more and better quality likes, matches and second dates.

A lot of people think they can save money and do their dating pictures themselves with their smartphones. However, this usually ends up in disastrous results. A seasoned online dating photographer will take better, more flattering photos and help you develop your own unique style. They will also teach you how to pose in a way that will help your date see who you are and what you’re about. They’ll also know which apps and photos are best for Tinder versus Hinge or Bumble, which captions to use and how to create a compelling bio that will draw in the people you’re looking for. This will lead to more dates and ultimately, hopefully, a happy relationship. Contact Kelly Weaver Photography today to schedule your photo session for your dating profile. Photographer for dating profile

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