Branson Missouri – Enjoy the Ozark Mountain Christmas Festival

The Christmas season brings with it a series of traditions and events that take place all over the country if not the globe. One such little nook in the world is Branson Missouri. Branson is home to famous Ozark Mountain Christmas Celebration. The event starts each year on November 1st and goes straight on through to New Year’s Eve December 31st. What’s special about this year’s Branson Missouri Christmas Extravaganza is they are celebrating their 20th Year of this celebration.

I’m not saying traveling is an easy thing to do, but if you’re looking for a fun excursion, and maybe are in driving distance to the Branson Missouri area, pack up the car with the family or a loved one and head on into the Ozark Mountain Christmas Celebration. Just so you know you’re not wasting your time, a leading travel organization, the American Bus Association has recognized the Ozark Mountain Christmas as a Top 100 Event in North America.

With all of the formal introductions of this festival out of the way let me give you an introduction to all the fun and array of events you can see during the time frame the event takes place. Branson is well known for the enormous number of theaters and playhouses the city hosts. Each have their own schedule of events for the Ozark Mountain Christmas event. To “sweeten the pot” as it were, the event features some of the best and well known performers around the world. These names include a Branson regular Andy Williams who puts on an incredible Christmas Show. For anyone out there that has a Christmas Mix Album you’ll surely here an Andy Williams rendition of a Christmas classic including “Silent Night”, “the Christmas Song” or “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”. Hold your seat there’s much more. World Wide performance teams such as the Mannheim Steamrollers and Broadway’s Spirit of Christmas come rolling into Branson to take part in the Ozark Christmas Festival.

Here’s a short list of some other great events;

1- The Branson Area Festival of Lights – This is ongoing as soon as the Ozark Mountain Christmas Festival begins on November 1st. Through cooperation of the entire Branson Business Community, each business and storefront decorate their properties with colorful lights and other holiday decorations. The night time in Branson is lit up with beautiful colors of Christmas and by itself is an attraction worth seeing.

2- Silver Dollar City – This Branson Theme Park pulls out all the stops in putting together it’s own brand of Christmas cheer. Silver Dollar City has a fantastic Christmas musical known as the Five Story Special Effects Christmas Tree. Every evening, having started November 1st and straight through December 31st, the Christmas Tree lighting show starts at both 7pm and 9pm. That’s not where it ends. Also, each night Silver Dollar City brings it’s Gifts of Christmas Holiday Light Parade. This parade brings with it floats the don over 100,000 colorful Christmas light.

3- The Shepherd of the Hills Trail of Lights – If this drive doesn’t get you in the holiday spirit you need to have your pulse checked. The drive goes through what is called the “Magical Christmas Wonderland” the drives through Branson and takes you to Inspiration Tower. The tower has stairs and an elevator to the top where you can see the entire Branson area, including the Ozark Mountains. It seems as though time stands still when you’re up there looking over the entire lighted area.

If you want to try and visit that warm town that your grandparents created with the train set under their Christmas Tree, there is a real place in the world that exists just like that. It’s called Branson Missouri. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and and a very Happy Holiday Season to everyone. Bud light customer service

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