Why the Snobbiness, Wine People?

One of the first things people think of when they think of wine is “wine snob”, right after yummy and delish! Some people even self proclaim themselves as wine snobs. Why is this? Why do some people feel so much better than everyone when they know something about wine? Why do people feel “bad” to admit that they don’t know much about wine? People do not seem as equally as ashamed to admit they know nothing about choosing a beer or a whiskey or even something like flowers! I say flowers because I was not ashamed at all to admit to the florist that I knew nothing about flowers when picking them out for my wedding. All I knew was that I wanted hydrangeas – I honestly do not know of many other types of flowers! This is the same with wine, the only thing some people know is they like “reds” or “whites”. THAT IS OK!

Wine has been through its ups and downs throughout our worlds history. Starting with the ancient Egyptian and Greek times, it was reserved as a drink for royalty.

The Egyptians recorded the harvest of grapes on the walls of their tombs; bottles of wine were even buried with pharaohs in order that they might entertain guests in the afterlife. Wine was also considered a drink of the elite in ancient Greece, and it was a centerpiece of the famous symposia, immortalized by Plato and the poets of the period. But it was during the Roman era that wine became popular throughout society.

I’ll skip through the downs, but know that after the fall of the Roman empire, wine was the only thing that anyone could drink because even the water was disease ridden. The wine didn’t taste great, but people drank it anyway because they had no choice.

Wine rose again. During the Renaissance, wine connoisseurs, a very small group, begin to associate particular styles and qualities in wine with specific places. Astute wine drinkers began to perceive that some wines could be appreciated intellectually and emotionally rather than just physically, and that the best wines conveyed a sense of balance, length and depth. These ideas carried on throughout history – that only intellectuals and “royalty” could fully enjoy wine and its qualities.

Wine is so common now, mass produced in huge factories, it’s not made in small batches by the year (or vintage) much anymore. This is because people want it and they want it fast! You can take time to learn more about wine if you please, but do not feel like you will enjoy it less than someone else if you don’t. best willamette valley wine tours

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