Hide Alerts on My iPhone

Hide Alerts on My iPhone

Notifications on your phone can quickly drain your battery life. When you see a notification, your display lights up and it triggers your phone to open or do something. Disabling silent notifications helps you avoid this temptation and free up more time for activities you enjoy.

What Does Hide Alerts Mean?

If you wish to avoid receiving notifications for a group chat, the Hide Alerts option can be turned on. This prevents notifications for that conversation but still enables all other messages and alerts in Messages. To enable Hide Alerts, tap either the group icon at the top center of the thread or swipe left over it before tapping the Alerts button.

Stop wasting your battery life by frequently checking your phone. Not only does this drain the device’s power, but it may also make you feel the need to act upon a notification, leading to mindless scrolling and other unnecessary phone usage. That is why many people turn off notifications for non-urgent matters — in order to save that precious battery for more important tasks.

How Do I Turn It On?

Hide alerts is a feature on the iPhone that prevents you from seeing notifications for certain conversations, such as when someone messages you in one particular thread. Nevertheless, anyone with access to your application can still view all full messages hidden behind this feature.

To enable hide alerts, go to Settings > Notifications and scroll down until you find Messages. Select the message thread you wish to hide notifications for, toggle off Hide Alerts, and you should now see a crescent moon icon next to that thread in your list of conversations. Note that anyone opening up the application you are hiding notifications for will still be able to view all content within it without receiving an alert.

How Do I Turn It Off?

Notifications are an integral part of what makes the iPhone great, but they can drain your battery quickly. Fortunately, it’s possible to turn off these major notifications without sacrificing any of your favorite applications. The most efficient approach is to review which applications use notifications and disable those which are no longer useful. For extra techy folks, you may even disable some more gimmicky options like notifications on your home screen or notification center widgets that require tapping for access.
What Is It Used For?

There are a few reasons why you might want to hide alerts on your iPhone. Firstly, it can help limit the number of notifications from various applications; especially text messages and iMessages which can be annoying if not paid attention to.

Another reason you might want to disable alerts on your iPhone is if you don’t want others to view the content of your texts. This is particularly relevant if you’re in a group chat and haven’t shared your passcode with the person you’re texting. To accomplish this, turn off Hide Alerts within that conversation’s settings; this will prevent messages from being displayed when someone else unlocks your phone using Touch ID or Face ID.

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